121st ITC:
Space, Time and Life

A fundamental question in biology is to understand the principles and mechanisms that underlie the spatial organization of cells and living organisms and the dynamic processes by which such spatial organization is generated and maintained. Cells have to organize many cellular functions and complex chemistry in space. They are organized in organelles and further distinct compart­ments and exhibit a distinct spatial organization. On larger scales, cells form tissues with specific shapes and sizes by morphogenesis during development. All these spatial structures and morphologies arise in the context of dynamic processes and are part of the spatiotemporal organization of life.

This meeting will bring physicists, chemists and biologists together to discuss the emergence of spatiotemporal organization and the role of information, energy, self-organization, phase transitions, active processes and material properties in the organization of living matter.



Frank Jülicher (Dresden, Germany)
Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan (Geneva, Switzerland)


25-29 March 2020
(Participation by invitation only)


Armon, Shahaf (Stanford, CA, USA)
Aumeier, Charlotte (Geneva, Switzerland)
Barkai, Naama (Rehovot, Israel)
Baum, Buzz (London, United Kingdom)
Bitbol, Anne-Florence (Paris, France)
Brangwynne, Clifford P. (Princeton, NJ, USA)
Brugués, Jan (Dresden, Germany)
Campas, Otger (Santa Barbar, CA, USA)
Derivery, Emmanuel (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Dogterom, Marileen (Delft, The Netherlands)
Goldstein, Raymond E. (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Grill, Stephan (Dresden, Germany)
Hannezo, Edouard (Klosterneuburg, Austria)
Hariharan, Iswar (Berkeley, CA, USA)
Howard, Jonathon (New Haven, CT, USA)
Hyman, Anthony A. (Dresden, Germany)
Januschke, Jens (Dundee, United Kingdom)
Kicheva, Anna (Klosterneuburg, Austria)
Krishnamurthy, Vijaykumar (Bengaluru, India)
Kruse, Karsten (Geneva, Switzerland)
Mani, Madhav (Evanston, IL, USA)
Manning, Lisa (Syracuse, NY, USA)
Mietke, Alexander (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Milinkovitch, Michel C. (Geneva, Switzerland)
Nelson, David R. (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Nitzan, Mor (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Oates, Andrew C. (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Piel, Matthieu (Paris, France)
Popovic, Marko (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Prost, Jacques (Paris, France)
Rao, Madan (Bangalore, India)
Robson, Drew (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Ronceray, Pierre (Princeton, NJ, USA)
Rosen, Michael K. (Dallas, TX, USA)
Rulands, Steffen (Dresden, Germany)
Saunders, Timothy (Singapore, Singapore)
Simons, Benjamin D. (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
St Johnston, Daniel (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Viasnoff, Virgile (Singapore, Singapore)
Wyart, Matthieu (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Coming in October 2020:

122nd ITC:
Genome folding: physics and function


Leonid Mirny (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Job Dekker (Worcester, MA, USA)


14-18 October 2020

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