International Titisee Conferences

Since 1962, the International Titisee Conferences (ITCs) of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds have been held at lake Titisee, in the attractive surroundings of the Black Forest in southern Germany. Their topics cover the entire spectrum of basic research in biomedicine, ranging from “The dynamical brain” to “Protein design at the crossroads of biotechnology, chemistry, theory and evolution”.

The conferences are held every spring and autumn and last for 3 days. They are meant to encourage scientific exchange. Speakers and discussants are therefore required to remain in Titisee for the entire duration of the conference. They are expected to present their latest results, review data and hypotheses in detailed discussions and jointly seek new approaches. Participation is by invitation only and attendance or company of spouses/family members is not possible. The number of speakers is limited to approximately 30 and the total number of participants to about 60.

Internationally renowned scientists, who have distinguished themselves by major contributions in highly topical fields of biomedical research, are appointed as chairpersons. The chairs select the topic of the conference, bring together the leading scientists from two to three sub-disciplines, and invite a number of junior scientists at their own discretion. This concept gained the International Titisee Conferences such unique acclaim that it has been maintained since the 1960s.

The foundation endeavours to support the chairs as comprehensively as possible by taking on all organizational matters and funding the entire conference, including expenses for travel and accommodation for all participants. Great care is taken to ensure that conference participants feel welcome and that their stay is a pleasant and scientifically stimulating one.


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