Application for Travel Grants

The application for a travel grant of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds consists of two parts:

  1. the online application sent via the online application portal and
  2. one paper copy to be sent by regular mail to the following address:
    Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, Schusterstr. 46-48, 55116 Mainz, Germany

Before preparing the application please carefully read who can apply for a travel grant.

Both, paper application and online application, have to reach the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds at least 6 weeks prior (the postmark is crucial for the paper application), but not earlier than three months before the planned date of departure.

Part 1: Online application

To start your online application for travel grants please click here.

Part 2: The paper application

The entire application should be submitted in English and must be written by the applicant personally. However, consultation with the prospective or present scientific supervisor is advisable. Please do not staple or bind documents.

Submit one copy (preferably printed two-sided, font size 12 and 1.5 spacing) of the paper application via surface mail including the data and documents listed below. Applicants can facilitate the selection process by following the sequence recommended below.

A  Information on projects or courses

  1. Name and current address of applicant;
  2. Title and summary of current research project (BSc, MSc, PhD, MD, or postdoctoral project) focussing on aims as well as results obtained so far, if applicable (length: max. 3 pages plus references);
  3. Title of planned training and outline of your experiments in the host laboratory (max. 3 pages), aim of the training and reasons for wishing to work with this particular group;
    alternatively: title of course and statement of its impact on your future scientific career;
  4. Statement in which you describe the connection of the planned training with your current research project;
  5. List of your publications (if applicable).

B  Additional documents to accompany your application

  1. Certificates (photocopies) of all examinations (e.g. PhD, MSc, BSc, MD);
  2. Photocopies of high school diploma/secondary school leaving certificate (e.g. Abitur, Baccalaureate, A-Levels) and, where applicable, university entrance test (e.g. SAT/ACT, PAU, YGS/LYS, Joint Entrance Examination etc.);
  3. Letter of acceptance - signed and on official letterhead - from the supervisor of the host laboratory stating that the host institute will cover the research-related costs; alternatively: letter of acceptance from the organizers of the scientific course including details of tuition fees and other costs; alternatively for PhD candidates: letter of acceptance signed and on official letterhead - from the supervisor of the host laboratory stating that the host institute will cover the research-related costs and confirming that the host supervisor is willing and able to offer a PhD position if the research stay was successful for both sides;
  4. Letter of recommendation - signed and on official letterhead - from the supervisor of your current research project including his/her statement that your salary will be continued during the envisaged training (PhD candidates who submit an application for a test visit to their prospective PhD supervisor have to hand in a recommendation letter from their final thesis (MSc/BSc) supervisor);
  5. Evidence of expenses (supporting documents, no links) for travel issued by a travel agent and/or internet agency, for economic student housing and - if applicable - for course fees.
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