Selection Process for PhD Fellowships

What happens to your application?

Once both your online application and the paper version of your application have been received by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, they are forwarded to the foundation’s Board of Trustees which includes six internationally renowned scientists.

Approximately 4 weeks after the application deadline, the Board of Trustees decides which applications are admitted to the entire evaluation process. Approximately 30% of the applications are successful in this first selection round (pre-selection) and are then sent to an independent external expert (peer reviewer) for additional evaluation. In addition, and whenever feasible, a member of the foundation's staff visits the applicant at his/her place of work and submits a written report to the Board of Trustees.

Application, evaluation of the external expert and the report on the personal interview are then scrutinized by the foundation's Board of Trustees (read more under selection criteria). The Board convenes three times a year and, after detailed discussion of each application, makes its decision. Approximately 15 fellowships are awarded at each Board meeting. The final decision on the applications selected in the first round is reached approximately 5 months after the deadline.

After each Board meeting, the foundation promptly informs the applicants of the outcome. Please note that only written notification is legally binding. The decisions of the Board are incontestable; and due to the large and ever-increasing number of applications, reasons for rejection are not given. Re-submission is possible, but only after consultation with the foundation.

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