113th Building tools for quantifying brain and behaviour

Understanding how the components that make up the brain are used by the behaving animal to interact with its environment is a serious challenge. Over the past decade the number of tools that have become available to study the brain and animal behaviour has increased enormously and has transformed the types of questions that can be asked.

By bringing together a diverse group of interdisciplinary scientists involved in developing methods and applications for quantifying behaviour or measuring brain activity, the hope is to promote the exchange of ideas and approaches between different research fields.

Jason N.D. Kerr (Bonn, Germany)
Richard H.R. Hahnloser (Zürich, Switzerland)
Loren L. Looger (Ashburn, VA, USA)

April 6-10, 2016
(Participation by invitation only)

Speakers include

Beck, Heinz (Bonn, Germany)
Brecht, Michael (Berlin, Germany)
Buffalo, Elizabeth A. (Seattle, WA, USA)
Dudman, Joshua T. (Ashburn, VA. USA)
Fitzpatrick, David (Jupiter, FL, USA)
Gan, Wenbiao (New York, NY, USA)
Greenberg, David (Bonn, Germany)
Grewe, Benjamin F. (Stanford, CA, USA)
Gütig, Robert (Göttingen, Germany)
Hanke, Wolf ( Rostock, Germany)
Haydon Wallace, Damian James (Bonn, Germany)
Jayaraman, Vivek (Ashburn, VA, USA)
Laurent, Gilles (Frankfurt a.M., Germany)
Lavis, Luke D. (Ashburne, VA, USA)
Leonardo, Anthony (Ashburne, VA, USA)
Macke, Jakob (Tübingen, Germany)
Margrie, Troy (Londen, UK)
Martin, Kevan A.C. (Zurich, Switzerland)
Mehta, Mayank R. (Zurich, Switzerland)
Mikula, Shawn (Heidelberg, Germany)
Mouritsen, Henrik Østergaard ( Oldenburg, Germany)
O'Keefe, John (London, UK)
Ölveczky, Bence (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Prescott, Tony J. (Sheffield, UK)
Roberts, Todd (Dallas, TX, USA)
Schuster, Stefan (Bayreuth, Germany)
Schwartz, Andrew B. (Pittsburg, PA, USA)
Silies, Marion (Göttingen, Germany)
Tkacik, Gasper (Klosterneuburg, Austria)
Ulanovsky, Nachum (Rehovot, Israel)
Vaziri, Alipasha (Vienna, Austria)
Wickens, Jeff (Oinawa, Japan)
Wikelski, Martin C. (Radolfzell, Germany)
Wolf, Fred (Göttingen, Germany)
Zoccolan, Davide (Trieste, Italy)



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