108th ITC Causes and consequences of aneuploidy

The study of the effects of chromosome mis-segregation on normal physiology and its role in human disease is currently being transformed by dramatic discoveries providing new insights in the mechanisms governing chromosome segregation. In particular, the development of ever more sophisticated cell and animal models in which this process fails have proved instrumental.


This meeting will bring together the leading researchers studying the process of chromosome segregation and developing mouse models of genome instability and aneuploidy. We hope to discuss existing limitations and challenges in the field as well as exchange ideas and develop hypotheses to test the impact of chromosome mis-segregation and genomic instability on diseases, especially cancer.


Angelika B. Amon (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Don W. Cleveland (La Jolla, CA, USA)

Date: 23-27 October, 2013

Speakers include

Bastians, Holger (Göttingen, Germany)
Basto, Renata (Paris, France)
Benezra, Robert (New York, NY, USA)
Bettencourt Dias, Mónica (Oeiras, Portugal)
Campbell, Peter (Cambridge, Great Britain)
Chun, Jerold (La Jolla, CA, USA)
Cimini, Daniela (Blacksburg, VA, USA)
Compton, Duane (Hanover, NH, USA)
Cornils, Hauke (Boston, MA, USA)
Degrassi, Francesca (Rome, Italy)
Dumanski, Jan P. (Uppsala, Sweden)
Eichenlaub-Ritter, Ursula (Bielefeld, Germany)
Foijer, Floris (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Holland, Andrew (Baltimore, MD, USA)
Hunt, Patricia (Pullman, WA, USA)
Kops, Geert (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Lampson, Michael (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Lens, Susanne (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Losada, Ana (Madrid, Spain)
Mak, Tak Wah (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Malumbres, Marcos (Madrid, Spain)
Medema, Rene (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Nigg, Erich (Basel, Switzerland)
Payen, Celia (Seattle, WA, USA)
Pérez Jurado, Luis A. (Barcelona, Spain)
Peters, Jan-Michael (Vienna, Austria)
Petronczki, Mark (Herfortshire, Great Britain)
Pilpel, Yitzhak ( Rehovot, Israel)
Pines, Jonathon (Cambridge, Great Britain)
Ried, Thomas (Bethesda, MD, USA)
Sjögren, Camilla (Stockholm, Sweden)
Sotillo, Rocio (Monterotondo, Italy)
Storchova, Zuzana (Martinsried, Germany)
Tang, Yin-Chi (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Taylor, Stephen (Manchester, Great Britain)
Torres, Eduardo (Worchester, MA, USA)
Van Deursen, Jan (Rochester, MN, USA)
Verlhac, Marie-Hélène (Paris, France)
Vermeesch, Joris R. (Leuven, Belgium)
Weaver, Beth A. (Madison, WI, USA)



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