May 2018: 3 ERC Proof of Concept Grants go to BIF fellows

In the last two rounds for ERC Proof of Concept Grants worth up to 150,000 euros, three of our alumni were successful: Michael Boutros, Edward Lemke, and Christine Selhuber-Unkel. For Christine, it is the second PoC grant within one year. The PoC grants top up the researchers’ existing ERC grants to help investigate business opportunities, establish intellectual property rights, or conduct technical validation for their frontier research findings. The projects are called, respectively, “REMATCH – Image-Based Analysis for Drug Discovery and Repurposing”, “Radio-Click – A Versatile Ultrafast Click Platform for Antibody-Based Radio Diagnostics”, and “Strain-Stiffening Polymer Structures for Orthotics”.

Professor Michael Boutros, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany, Fellowship: 1997–1999

Professor Edward Lemke, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany, Fellowship: 2003–2005

Professor Christine Selhuber-Unkel, University of Kiel, Germany, Fellowship: 2004–2006

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