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Ivan Dikic is awarded the Sir Hans Krebs Prize for his research on ubiquitin

November 13, 2009. For his findings on the decomposition of defective proteins in cells, Professor Ivan Dikic from the University of Frankfurt has been awarded the Sir Hans Krebs Prize. The Prize is endowed with 10.000 euros and awarded by the society of friends of the Hannover University Medical School.

Ivan Dikic’s award-winning findings are a continuation of the research on ubiquitin, a protein whose function was discovered but not yet understood in detail by the 2004 Nobel Prizes Laureates for Chemistry. Ubiquitin helps identify damaged proteins in cells resulting in their destruction, thus playing an important part in keeping cells clean from dangerous and potentially carcinogenic waste. With his research, Dikic has increased significantly our understanding of the formation of tumors.

Ivan Dikic is one of five scientists who received the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Research Award for Postdoctoral Fellows. He has since received numerous prizes, such as the 2006 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research of the American Association for Cancer Research for his work on the regulation of cellular signalling and cancer pathogenesis. Dikic was the first scientist from Europe to receive this prestigious prize.

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