BIF Fellows’ Network

From the very beginning some 30 years ago, the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) made a point of providing fellowship holders with more than just a monthly cheque. BIF comprehensively supports these talented young scientists during their PhD phase. We help them to challenge their limits and to fully develop their potential on their way to independence. Moreover, seminars, trainings and personal support have nurtured the development of an impressive worldwide network between current and former fellows; some 90% of them remain in contact with BIF.

Where-to-find-whom database
Most of our fellows provide information about their field of work for the other fellows. This data is available via our internet database "Where-to-find-whom". By searching the database, you can locate BIF fellows pursuing their PhD project, fellows working as postdocs, professors, CEOs, consultants or patent attorneys in Berlin, London, Zurich, Boston… If the search yields too many names, or if you have more specific questions, we will be happy to help.

Klatschmail is our internal mailing list. A job offer or a research question posted in klatschmail will reach several hundred fellows and alumni. Subscribe to the mailing list.

What’s on?
Do you want to know when the alumni meeting at Gracht castle, the communication trainings in Lautrach or Cold Spring Harbor, or the Christmas party takes place? Go to what’s on.

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