Our Guiding Principles

Science is our passion.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) is a public foundation - an independent, non-profit organization for the exclusive and direct promotion of basic research in biomedicine. We support up-and-coming junior scientists whose research projects experimentally elucidate the basic phenomena of human life, and organize two International Titisee Conferences per year. We are convinced that great scientific ideas and developments need a stimulating context, freedom and a sound financial fundament. At BIF, we do our best to provide all these for our fellows in our programmes.

Three programmes for young scientists.

In the PhD fellowship programme, we award long-term fellowships around the world, supporting some 110 outstanding junior researchers at the same time. The Travel Grants programme is geared to PhD students as well as postdoctoral fellows to enable their participation in short-term practical trainings and scientific courses (e.g. summer or winter schools). In both programmes, our foundation supports Europeans working in Europe and overseas, as well as students from overseas working in Europe. In the MD fellowship programme, we grant fellowships to medical students studying in Germany to help them pursue an ambitious experimental research project in basic biomedical research in Europe or overseas. 

We are there for you.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds is a foundation specifically geared to and intended for people. Be it the personal support of our fellows, be it the long-standing relationship to our alumni or the atmosphere at the International Titisee Conferences - we put people first.

ITCs: Local flavor, global reach.

Two times a year, we invite senior scientists from two or three different fields to our International Titisee Conferences (ITCs). In the scenic surroundings of Lake Titisee in Germany's Black Forest, leading scientists from around the world discuss the latest trends in the life sciences. Read more...

passion for science