Who and where we are

We, at the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF), have always put people at the focus of our work. We are there to assist applicants, fellows, and alumni in whatever way we can. We are located in the centre of Mainz, Germany. As stipulated in BIF's Articles of Association, we manage its day-to-day business in compliance with the decisions of the BIF's Executive Committee.

Contact us via email or find out how to travel to our offices in Mainz, Germany.

Our staff and their areas of responsibility

Dr rer. nat. Claudia Walther
Managing Director

Kirsten Achenbach

Iris Bodenbender
Assistant to the Managing Director and the organization of the International Titisee Conferences (ITCs)

Andrea Epperlein

Dr rer. nat. Jan Kullmann
PhD fellowships, travel grants: selection process

Dr rer. nat. Anja Petersen (née Hoffmann)
PhD and MD fellowships: selection process, personal support

Sandra Schedler
PhD fellowships: administration, personal support

Vera Schlick
PhD and MD fellowships, travel grants: applications, statistics

Süleyman Tangüler
Maintenance, office support